3 Ways to Make Your Business More Family-Friendly


Employees are the lifeblood, the essence, of a company.Too many businesses lose sight of that, thinking that if anyone’s unhappy, there will be plenty of applicants to take his place. But your employees are what make your business successful; they work harder the more invested they feel in your company, and they’ll feel more invested in your company if you demonstrate that you’re invested in them. One way to do that is to remember that many of your employees work in order to support a family, and to make your company more family-friendly.

Friendly-BusinessOffer Comprehensive Benefits

In an economy where many workers feel lucky just to have a job, some companies feel it unnecessary to compete for job applicants by offering a comprehensive benefits package. However, you’ll make an employee feel that you’re making an investment in her and her family if you offer benefits such as health care that extends to spouses and children. If you offer employees attractive retirement savings plans and bonuses such as scholarships for employees’ children, they’ll feel like you hope they’ll stay with you throughout their careers.

Plus, there is competition for many talented applicants, even in a down job market. If you want quality employees to give their all to the company, you need to do whatever you can to show them you care.

Flexible Work Hours and Days Off

Too many companies offer their employees the bare minimum of days off and demand that employees stay in the office during office hours without exception. Family-friendly businesses know that a person’s life can’t revolve only around work, and parents being able to put in their forty or more hours each week at more convenient times can make the difference between spending time with their children every day and barely seeing them at all. Offer flexible work hours whenever possible as well as attractive maternity and paternity leave for new parents.

On-Site Day Care

It seems ridiculous that a parent goes to work and has to give up a sizeable portion of her income to pay for day care while she’s at work, but the alternative, one of the parents not working and staying home to care for the kids, isn’t an option for many parents. Your company can become a lifesaver for many employees by offering on-site day care at a discounted rate – or as a free bonus for all employees if possible. If you offer a shuttle that picks up kids from the biggest public schools in the area, parents won’t have to adjust their work schedules to pick them up or pay for someone else to.

There are companies that make toys for kids and never once consider the children of their own employees. But then there are companies that market products exclusively to adults that cherish their employees, and by extension, their entire families. Turn your company into a place where people absolutely love to work, and your business will see more successes because of it.


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